Stop Other People From Using Your Images

Putting your images on the internet might be scary, especially if you’re afraid other people are going to use your images without your consent. However this rarely happens and more importantly the upsides of putting your images online are much greater than the perceived downsides. You will never be a successful artist if the people you make them for cannot see your works!

To minimize infringement we have 2 facilities for protecting your work.

1) Copyright Notice/ Watermarking
You can add a copyright notice and a watermark to your images. This is very effective at preventing people from using your images:

To set a Copyright message and Watermark to your image, please see the article by clicking here.

2) Disable right click
In addition we have an option that disables users from using the right click -> 'save image' option in their web browser:

To disable right click:

  • Login to your Control Panel
  • Click ‘Settings’
  • Click ‘Preferences’
  • Switch ‘Disable Right Click' to ‘On’


  • Click 'Save Changes'


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