Create an Email Address With Your Domain Name (e.g.

When you have your own domain for your ArtWeb website like (so without you can create a personalized email with your domain name. E.g:

Don’t have your own domain yet? Click here to learn how.

ArtWeb does not store email messages for you so we will forward emails to your normal email address. Any email sent to your domain email will be forwarded to your normal email address. E.g. Emails send to will be forwarded to

For that to work you need to enable email forwarding in your ArtWeb Control panel here: 

  • Login to your Control Panel
  • Click ‘Settings’
  • Click ‘Email Settings’


  • Switch ‘Enable email for my domain’ to 'On'


  • Next to ‘External email address to forward email messages to’ enter your normal email address. (e.g.
  • Next to ‘Artists Web Email Address’ you can define your domain email address. E.g. or
    However you can also leave this blank. Any word before the @ symbol of your domain email address will than be forwarded to your normal email address. E.g. or or any other version will all be forwarded when you leave this blank.
  • Click 'Save Changes'


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