Using a or Domain for Your ArtWeb Website

When you sign up for ArtWeb you are automatically provided a subdomain. However you can have your own or personalized Top-level domain name instead (without the .artweb part).


* Please note: Top-level domains like or are only available with a paid membership. If you are currently on the Free package you need to upgrade to the Basic or Pro package in order to have a Top-level domain. Click here to learn how to upgrade your Free package.


To have a Top-level domain with ArtWeb you need to first register the domain at a registrar of your choosing.

A registrar is a company that handles the registration of domains (e.g. or, but there are many others). Pricing can vary a bit per registrar. Usually a or .com domain costs about £5 - £6 per year.

1) Please create an account at your preferred registrar and purchase a domain.

2) After purchasing it, you only need to point the CNAME record to us,


1) Please login to your registrar’s control panel and point the CNAME of the domain to Artweb as follows:

www to:

If you don't know how to point the CNAME, please contact your registrar’s customer support. They know exactly how this is done in their system and they will be glad to assist you with this. An example email you can send to your domain registrar is:

I would like to change the CNAME of my domain to my host provider. Could you please help me to point the CNAME record as follows:
www to:

2) IMPORTANT: Please let us know when the CNAME is pointed and we will finalize the process in our system. Your domain will not work if we don’t finalize it in our system. You can send us a quick email to:

Please Note:

  • You cannot use your domain email address for communication with ArtWeb if you use the domain for your ArtWeb website. We will not receive your support emails and you may not get notifications for comments and messages sent via your contact form - it's best to use a different email address for any communication with ArtWeb (like gmail/hotmail).
  • The email forwarding options on your ArtWeb Control Panel (Settings -> Email Settings) will still be available, but will have no effect as your existing registrar will control mail settings for your domain.
  • We do not give out the IP address of your website as this is apt to change over time, so if you use this IP with a third party registrar then your website will go offline next time the IP address changes. 


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