How to Upgrade a Free ArtWeb Account

We recommend all new members to start with the Free package. This way you can start building your website, get used to the ArtWeb system and upgrade at any time if you ever wish to do so. Click here to learn how to start with the Free package.

When you like your free website and want to take selling online to the next level, it’s time to upgrade your account that will unlock the premium features. The website design you created with the Free Package will not get lost.

To upgrade your Free website to a paid Package:

  • In the top left corner of your Control Panel click on the green ‘Upgrade Now' button


  • Find the Package you wish to have, scroll down and click the ‘Upgrade now’ button underneath your desired Package
  • Fill in the form by selecting your desired billing cycle, optional discount code and by agreeing to the terms and conditions. Than click ‘Continue’


  • Next you need to select your payment method. We have 2 options to choose from:
  1. Paying with Paypal (click the yellow Paypal button)
  2. Paying by Visa or Mastercard (click the blue ‘Pay with Card’ button)


  • When paying with Paypal you will be taken to Paypal to confirm the payment
  • When paying with a Visa or Mastercard a popup window appears. Fill in your details in the popup window and click the blue ‘Pay ‘amount’’ button to confirm
  • After payment has been made, your account will be upgraded instantly. You can immediately start using the premium features. Please contact us at for any issues or questions

Please note: You will set up an automatic payment subscription when signing up for a paid ArtWeb account. This means payment will be taken automatically when an invoice is due (provided the card you registered with is still valid). So there’s no need to make a manual payment.


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