Selecting a Previously Saved Style

If you saved a style before but currently have another one selected, you can retrieve the saved style.

To retrieve a previously saved style:

  • Login to your Control Panel
  • Click 'Choose Template'


  • Find the template you had when saving the style and click the 'Choose a Style' button underneath it


  • This opens a list of all the available styles for this template. Underneath 'ArtWeb Styles' are all the ArtWeb default styles. Underneath 'My Styles' are all the styles you saved for this template. Click the style from under the 'My Styles' section to load your saved style (This list gets longer the more styles you saved).


  • After clicking your saved style you will see a preview of it. Click the 'Select this style' button at the bottom to finalize. Or if it's not the correct Style click 'Back' to go back to the list of templates

*Please note: If you don't remember the template you had or the style name you had given to the saved style, you will need to try them all to find the template and style you had

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