Changing Font/Text Size

Font/text size adjustments are advanced edits and need to be done in the 'Advanced style editor’.

*Please note that if you are using a 'Mobile Friendly' template the 'Advanced style editor’ will not be available. And thus you cannot change the text/font size when using a 'Mobile Friendly' template.

Also please note that the Advanced style editor is advanced and should only be used if you’re comfortable making advanced edits. We recommend you first save your current style so you can always recover it later if you make a mistake.

Officially we don't provide support for the advanced style editor. You need to fiddle with it yourself and figure out where to edit the elements you want to change.

However here are a few examples to get you familiar:

1) First unlock the advanced style editor here:

  • Login to your control panel
  • Click 'Settings'
  • Click 'Preferences'
  • Switch 'Show advanced editor' to On
  • Scroll down and click 'Save changes'

2) Now when you go to the style editor you can select the advanced option:

  • Click 'Presentation'
  • Click 'Customize Style'
  • Scroll all the way down and next to 'editor mode' click 'Advanced'


3) Scroll down again and you will see a whole bunch of tabs. These are all the different elements of your website. Most choices should be self explanatory (eg. " Links" - you can change the appearance of links).


  • Try out a bunch of tabs that you suspect contain the elements you want to change.
  • E.g. if you want to change the font size, move the bar next to 'font size'
  • Click 'Preview changes' to preview the changes in the preview window above
  • Click 'Publish style' when satisfied

Here is a list of some tabs regarding what area of the page is affected:

Body - (Text page, Contact page)
Single Image Area - (An individual image page)
Menu Items - (Menu)


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