Changing how the Home Page Looks

With ArtWeb you can choose between 3 different formats of how your home page looks and works:

1) ‘Gallery Page’ Format Home Page
You can have a gallery of single images on your home page, just like the other galleries on your website. It works in the same way i.e. a list of thumbnails that click to enlarge to a single image.

2) ‘Gallery Overview Page’ Format Home Page
This option will create a home page with an overview of all your galleries. It will show the first image of every gallery you created. Clicking an image on the home page will bring your visitor to the rest of the images of that gallery. With this setup your visitors can get a nice overview of all your galleries on the home page and can quickly click on one image if they want to see more images of that gallery.

3) ‘Text Page’ Format Home Page
This is the same format as the other text pages (e.g. your ‘About me’ page). Text pages allow for text, with an optional image. By default this image will be larger than image gallery thumbnails, so this can be quite effective as an enlarged home page image.

You can select your home page format here:

  • Login to your Control Panel
  • Click 'Presentation’
  • Click ‘Home page functioning’
  • From the drop down menu select the format you wish to have
  • Click ‘Save changes’


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