How to Use Tags

You can give your images 'tags', which are like a keywords or a category label. Tags help people find your images on the marketplace and when searching the internet. It’s one of the most important things you need to do to be found in Google. Try to get into the buyer’s head and use words that they use to find the art you make.

To tag images:

1. Login
 to your Control Panel
2. Click ‘Images’ - > Edit
3. Scroll to find the image
 you want to add tags to
4. Click 'Quick Edit'
 or ‘Full Edit’
5. For each image, enter tags in the 'tags' box
. Make sure to hit enter or a comma after each tag:


6. Click ‘Save changes
7. Repeat for any other images you want to add tags to


  • It's important to make good use of tags, but be warned: overuse or inappropriate use of tags could be detrimental to your search engine listings. Google doesn’t like it when you use too many tags, as this looks spammy. They might think you want to cheat the Google rankings by adding many tags and might remove you from the rankings as a result.
  • Use words that are relevant to the image and describe it appropriately, for example a colourful and contemporary oil painting of a shy looking child with a jack russell dog might have tags such as "original, oil, painting, contemporary, dog, pet, jack russell, small, shy, nervous, colourful, red, yellow, brown, animal, child, toddler, girl"
  • Don't be tempted to use words that aren't relevant to the image, even if you think the person searching might also like your image, for instance in the former example, tags like "cat, hamster, horse" would be inappropriate as they do not bare any relevance to the image of a dog.
  • You can assign as many tags as you wish to each image, but we'd recommend 20 - 25 as a maximum limit and no more than necessary.
  • Be sure to check your spelling.

To ensure a high quality experience for buyers, we reserve the right to edit listings on the marketplace. So whilst you can add whatever tags you like to your images on your website, we may edit images or remove certain tags if we deem them inappropriate for

Note that your own website will be unaffected by such edits and we'll normally contact you if we detect a large amount of tags or inappropriate tags on your images to try and help you make good use of tags.


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