Adding a Link with a Logo or Image

It’s possible to add links with a logo or image on your website, such that you can click an image and it will link to another website or page on your own website.

However this cannot be done via the ‘Links’ option in your Control Panel as that only accepts text. If you need to have an image as part of the link, then you'll need to write HTML code.

* Please note, we do not give support on the use of HTML code, so we won't be able to guide you through this when sending and email to our support. But basic HTML is simple and some members choose to add HTML code to their sites. That’s perfectly fine by us.

We suggest you do a search on google on how the HTML code for a link with an image looks like. Then paste the code here:

  • Login to your Control Panel
  • Click ‘Pages’ -> Edit
  • Find the page where you want to put the image link on and click ‘Edit’
  • On top of the text editor click the HTML ‘Code view’ button


  • The text will change slightly because now the HTML code of the text area is shown
  • Paste the HTML code into the text area
  • Click ‘Save Changes’


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