The Difference Between 'Popular' and 'Featured' Artists

Popular Artists:
Popular artists are artists listed by the amount of times their artwork or their artist profile has been added to other user' favourites. ArtWeb is simply displaying the artists and artwork that are most popular.

Featured Artists: Go to and scroll down
Featured Art is the artwork promoted on the home page. We choose these works manually and update them on a regular basis. search
We update our search algorithm so artwork searched on the listings vary over time and don’t always appear in the same order. The order of the results depends on factors such as:

  • How new the work is
  • How many people have favorited the artwork
  • How relevant the work is to the search terms
  • In order to keep variance for buyers, there’s also a periodic element based on when the artwork was added. So some weeks it gets a higher ranking and some weeks a lower ranking.
  • From time to time we may also consider other factors such as
    • links coming in from other sites
    • likes, tweets, pins and other actions from social networks leading to the artwork on ArtWeb


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