Adding Shipping/Postage charges When Using the 'Add to Cart' Option

When you have the ‘Add to Cart’ option enabled it might cause issues if you want to add additional Shipping/Postage charges. This is because Paypal overrules the ArtWeb Postage options when using ‘Add to cart’

If you use ‘Add to Cart’ it’s better to specify shipping rates directly on your Paypal account so they are calculated from Paypal directly, rather than from ArtWeb.

To add shipping/postage charges in Paypal:

  • Login to your Paypal account
  • Click ‘Profile’ (in the top right corner)

  • Click ‘Profile and Settings’
  • Click ‘My Selling Preferences’

  • Next to ‘Postage Calculations’ click ‘Update’

Here you can specify the shipping/postage charges as desired

Alternatively if adding shipping/postage charges via Paypal is too complicated we advise you use the ‘Buy now’ button and the ArtWeb Postage options, and not the ‘Add to Cart’ option.


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