Troubleshoot for Login Issues - (Two or More Accounts)

If you have more than one account you must take care to click the 'logout' link before exiting your account or page (Logout Link is Located at the top right of your control panel). This action releases your login session security cookies in your browser so that they won't interfere with another login to a different account.


The login issue is a cookie problem. Your browser is remembering the old security cookies and causing trouble for a new login.

This commonly happens to members who have two accounts and while logged into one account quit out of their browser without manually logging out.

Whenever you are done with your account, please make sure to click the 'logout' command that is located toward the top right of your control panel - and not simply quit out of the tab or window. Clicking the 'logout' command on exit of your account will prevent this issue.

To solve the problem you can use a different browser that you've not tried to login recently with, or you would need to delete your browser’s cookies. Only once you've successfully deleted the cookies will you be able to login to a different account with the same browser again.

  • Clearing cookies is different for each browser. Click here to learn how to clear cookies for your browser. Select the browser you use from the list of browsers at the top of the page. Make sure to clear all of it from the beginning of time and not just a few weeks. 

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