Can I upgrade to the Pro Package later?

If I sign up for the Free or Basic Package can I upgrade to the Pro Package later?

Yes you can.

You can upgrade from your ArtWeb Control Panel as follows:


 There are 2 payment options available: 

  1. Pay via Paypal
    To pay via Paypal click the Paypal ‘Subscribe’ button on the left. You will be redirected to
    Paypal to make the payment

  2. Pay with your Visa or Mastercard directly (not using Paypal)
    To pay with your Visa or Mastercard directly, not using Paypal, click the blue ‘Pay with card’ button on the right. A popup will appear where you can enter in your card details. Click the blue ‘Pay ‘amount’’ button to finalize the payment.

Once you follow this link and make the payment, a new subscription is set up on the higher tariff.

*IMPORTANT If you upgrade from the Basic package your old Basic package subscription will still be active at Paypal. It needs to be cancelled, so you don't end up paying twice. You can do this yourself from your Paypal account on But let us know if you want us to cancel this for you.


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