Changing Image Sizes

You can enlarge or decrease the size of your images as follows:

*Please note, this option is only available for paying members.

  • Login to your Control Panel
  • Click ‘Presentation’
  • Click ‘Images Sizes’

You can set sizes for:

  1. Full size images (when the image is clicked on)
  2. Gallery Page Thumbnail Images
  3. Text Page images (e.g. your blog page is a text page)

* Please note, you cannot adjust individual image sizes. So if you change the size of the gallery thumbnails, all thumbnail images will have the same new size, not just for one gallery.

To change image sizes:

  • Change the number next to the type of images you wish to enlarge. You have to guess this number and see how it looks and perhaps need to make another adjustment to find your prefered size.


  • Click ‘Save Changes’
  • Click ‘Regenerate Images’

Your images are now being regenerated to the new sizes on the server. This might take a few minutes, especially if you have many images uploaded. Please wait 10 minutes and check your website.

If the image size haven’t changed after 10 minutes you are probably experiencing a cache problem. Please clear your browser’s cache as your browser is showing you old information and needs to have it's cache cleared so you can see the current image sizes. Click here to read how to clear your browser's cache. 

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