Adding Your Art to the Directory

You can add your images to the directory as follows:

*Please Note: Members on the Free Package are not displayed in the directory. You need to upgrade to the Basic or Pro Package before your images can get listed. Click here to learn how you can upgrade to the Basic or Pro Package.

Steps to add your art for members on the Basic or Pro Package:

1. Tick the option 'List on' in the image editor of your website control panel. You can do so like this:

  • Login to your ArtWeb Control Panel
  • Click ‘Images’ -> ‘Edit’
  • Find the image you want to add to and click ‘Full Edit’
  • Tick the box ‘List on’


  • Click 'Save changes'

*Please note to allow 24 hours for the image to be added to the directory after ticking the ‘List on’ box.

2. You need to ensure your directory profile for is created and your details are filled out. E.g. you need to select a profile picture in order to get listed in the directory. To create your profile and fill out the details:

  • Login to your ArtWeb Control Panel
  • Click ‘Settings’
  • Click ‘My Details on’
  • You may need to enter login details again
  • Go to 'Edit Profile'


  • Here you can write your details as appropriate. Make sure you select a Profile Image. Also note the ‘Display Name’ is the name you want to be found by in the directory. So if you want to be found with your first and last name, put both in this field here. Or if you have an artist name put that in there. Whatever name you expect your buyers to search for when they want to find your art.
  • Scroll all the way down and click ‘Submit’ to save the changes

3. As a final check, please click the ‘View image on’ link in the image details here:

  • Login to your ArtWeb Control Panel
  • Click ‘Images’ -> ‘Edit’
  • Find the image that you want check on and click ‘Full Edit’
  • Click the link ‘View image on’


  • The listing will appear in a new tab. If you can see your image it has been successfully uploaded to the directory.

If you continue to have problems, please tell us specifically which image(s) are missing and where we can find them on your website so we can investigate in more detail. You can email us at:

Images you upload to your website are not immediately visible in the directory. It can take up to 24 hours before they appear on If you just uploaded your image, please check the directory again tomorrow.


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