Adding Extra Prices to a Single Image

It’s possible to add extra prices to your images. But for that to work you need to generate a new Paypal payment button at Paypal. Paypal has a tool to help you create this without manually writing the code. You can use this tool to create the payment processor you want. After generating the code you need to cut and paste it into your ArtWeb website Control Panel

*Please note: Adding custom HTML to your website is not something we officially support. Though it’s perfectly fine by us and a few members are doing this. However we won’t be able to help you with this via ArtWeb support.

To generate the new Paypal payment code:

  • Login to Paypal
  • Click ‘Tools’

  • Click ‘All Tools’
  • Find the 'Payment buttons' section (top left)
  • Click 'Create a button'
  • Enter the details and it will create the code for you to cut and paste.

Next, you need to cut the code from Paypal and paste it onto your ArtWeb website here:

  • Login to your ArtWeb Control Panel
  • Click ‘Images’ -> Edit
  • Find an image you wish to add the extra prices to and click ‘Full Edit’
  • Paste the code in the ‘Notes’ section of the image details


  • Click ‘Save changes’
  • Repeat for all other images you wish to set multiple prices for


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