Adding Video to Your Website

You can add videos to your pages. And with the new Control Panel that's easier than ever! However you can't upload videos to your website like you do with an image. You need to first upload a video to a video service like Youtube. After uploading it to YouTube you can copy the video URL from Youtube into your ArtWeb control panel. Let's get started!

First you need to upload your video to Youtube. Click here for Youtube’s support page on how to do that.

After the upload is successful each video gets a unique URL. You can find this URL by clicking the 'Share' button underneath the video.  An example is shown below:



Copy the URL that is provided by YouTube

Now it's time to paste the Youtube URL into your ArtWeb control panel. The correct location to paste the Youtube URL is:

  • Login to your Control Panel
  • Click 'Pages'
  • Click 'Edit'
  • Find the page you wish to place the video on and click 'Edit Details'
  • At the top is the text editor for this page. On top of that is a row of editing icons like Bold, Italic, Underline etc. The last icon on the 2nd row is small video camera (hover over with your mouse will say 'video'). This is the icon you need to click


  • After clicking this icon a pop up appears 'Insert Video'. You need to paste the Youtube URL in here
  • Click 'Insert video' and the video appears inside the text editor
  • Rearrange your text around the video until you're satisfied
  • Click 'Save changes' to finalize

Now go to your website and have a look. This might be a bit tricky but if you do it right the video will show up!


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